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Data Scientist

Build your data science skills from the ground up, starting with the math and statistics intuition required for machine learning. Develop your coding skills with relational database management in SQL and programming in Python. Then dive into machine learning that equips you with advanced capabilities to work with ML models. With our structured data science training taught by renowned-industry experts, you’ll gain the tools necessary to stand out as an exceptional candidate for the data science job.


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8 Weeks

Machine Learning

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8 Weeks

Data Analyst

Master the ins and outs of foundational data analysis tools with courses on in-demand SQL. Then, learn to leverage the popular programming language Python and its fundamental data cleaning and preprocessing libraries: pandas and NumPy. Supplement your data analyst training with the full range of data visualization practices you need to tell compelling stories through data. Following this structured roadmap, you’ll sharpen your analytical mindset and develop the skills to land a rewarding data analyst job successfully.

Data Analysis

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8 Weeks

Business Analyst

Our business analyst training will shape your skills and transform you into a successful data-driven professional. Our courses on Data Literacy and Strategy help you understand the importance of data and how to gain business insights from it. You then learn beginner and advanced Excel techniques—essential for the day-to-day workflow—and utilize visualization software such as Tableau to present your data findings clearly and effectively. This business analyst certification program will complement your theoretical and technical know-how so you gain an edge in the business analyst job market.

Business Intelligence

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8 Weeks

Data Engineer

To transition into a role as a Data Engineer, it’s crucial to focus on building a strong foundation in database management, coding, and data processing. Start by mastering SQL, which is essential for managing and querying databases. Python proficiency, especially in data manipulation libraries like pandas and NumPy. Familiarity with data modeling and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes will also be beneficial. Given the emphasis on structured training by industry experts, seek out courses that cover these specific areas, ensuring you acquire practical skills in handling and processing data at scale.

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