Program Overview

The Dataseekho Brand Ambassador Program is designed to bridge the gap between education and professional life, helping participants develop key skills and mindsets required for success in the fields of Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Full Stack Development, Cloud Computing, and related technologies. This program aims to empower students, university members, and corporate employees by providing opportunities to enhance their knowledge and leadership skills, while promoting Dataseekho’s mission and offerings.

What You'll Gain from the Program?

Who Can Apply?

  1. Students and Professionals:
  • Open to students enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate programs.
  • Also open to professionals passionate about data and technology.
  1. Enthusiastic and Motivated Individuals:
  • For those with a passion for learning, teaching, and sharing knowledge about data and technology.
  1. Active Social Media Users:
  • Individuals active on social media platforms who can effectively communicate and engage with a wider audience.
  1. Leaders and Organizers:
  • Those with leadership qualities and experience in organizing events or leading groups.

Application Process

Expectations from Ambassadors

Ambassadors are expected to:

  • Attend all sessions punctually.
  • Meet deadlines and submit quality project work.
  • Maintain originality in their work.
  • Communicate any absences or delays in advance.

Fellowship Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Dataseekho Brand Ambassador Program, ambassadors will be able to:

Professional Communication

Communicate clearly and effectively, particularly in professional settings.


Understand and apply key leadership principles in various contexts.

Career Planning

Develop and implement a strategy for achieving short and long-term career goals.


Improve self-perception and overcome nervousness in professional scenarios.

Professional Behavior

Conduct themselves professionally in any work environment.

Problem Solving

Approach and solve problems methodically.

Positive Thinking

Maintain a positive mindset and control over their thoughts for success.

Lifelong Learning

Become self-motivated, lifelong learners

Growth Mindset

Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and improvement.

Gender Sensitization

Promote gender inclusion and equity in society

Social Responsibility

Understand the impact of their actions and contribute meaningfully to society


Develop self-awareness and mindfulness for continuous personal and professional growth

Time Management

Implement effective time management strategies.


Show perseverance and resilience in the face of difficulties.


Prioritize tasks efficiently to ensure productive efforts.


We expect Ambassadors to dedicate around 10-12 hours per month, but this can vary based on the events and activities you choose to organize.

The Ambassador Program is primarily a volunteer role. However, there are opportunities for rewards, recognition, and potential internships based on your performance and contributions.

Yes, professionals who are passionate about data and technology and wish to contribute to our mission are welcome to apply.

You will receive continuous support from the Dataseekho team, including training, resources, and guidance to help you succeed in your role.

The program is designed to be flexible, with a minimum commitment of six months, after which you can choose to continue based on your interest and availability.

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